Therapy & Executive Coaching for Entrepreneurs

Creating for a living can be incredibly freeing and rewarding.  It can also be surprisingly lonely. It doesn't have to be.

  • 72% of entrepreneurs suffer from one or more mental health issues
  • 58% of entrepreneurs report feelings related to Imposter Syndrome
  • We are 3X more likely to experience depression, anxiety, stress, and fear
  • We are 6X more likely to have ADHD
  • We are 3X more likely to suffer form substance abuse
  • We are 10X more likely to have bipolar disorder 1

Common Questions I Address

As entrepreneurs, our work is often intertwined with our identity. It requires a level of vulnerability that leaves us uniquely susceptible to burnout and emotional depletion, even when we're succeeding. You don't have to be alone on your entrepreneurial journey.

Entrepreneurs & Intrapreneurs

  • How can I manage the stress and pressure that comes with running my own business?
  • Am I taking enough time for self-care and maintaining a healthy work-life balance?
  • How can I prevent burnout and maintain my mental well-being while striving for success?
  • I'm burned out. Now what?
  • How can I effectively deal with the uncertainty and constant change that come with entrepreneurship without it affecting my mental health?
  • How do I stay grounded?
  • How can I manage feelings of imposter syndrome and maintain self-confidence?
  • What leadership styles will work best for my team?
  • Where do I spend my energy when there is so much to do? 
  • I feel like I'm on an island. Where can I get support? 
  • How do I make wise decisions, knowing each has significant opportunity costs?
  • How can I navigate the challenges of leading teams, fostering collaboration, and resolving conflicts?
  • Are there techniques or practices I can incorporate to enhance my focus, concentration, and ability to stay present in the midst of a demanding role?
  • How can I ensure that I continue to challenge myself, learn and grow as an executive, and reach my full potential in my leadership journey?

My Approach


We all have strengths, and therapy too often only focuses on problems. I help you identify and leverage your strengths to bring lasting change into your daily life.


This focuses on the physical experience and helps those of us who are stuck in our heads get out of our heads. Very helpful for people who often try to outthink their problems.

Internal Family Systems

Think "Inside Out" the movie. I use the concept of us having parts-that-make-a-whole to rework old patterns and learn to better integrate your full experience.

Narrative Therapy

This is a form of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) with a creative overlay. It's considered "evidence-based" which means there is significant research supporting its effectiveness.

I help executives, founders, and creatives clarify next steps and work through burnout.

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) and provide evidence-based coaching and therapy for founders and creatives.

I’ve been an entrepreneur, an aid worker, an advertising executive, and a professional athlete. I’ve moved 15 times, broken 16 bones, had two kids, and failed spectacularly on multiple occasions.

Here’s what I’ve learned: change is inevitable, yet unexpected. If you’re considering a change, in the midst of one, or in need of one, I’m here to help you navigate it with more clarity, joy, and humanity.

Message Me

Message me with questions! I am happy to help if I can. I also offer free 15 minute phone consults.