Therapy & Coaching for Creative Professionals & Artists

Creating for a living can be incredibly freeing and rewarding.  It can also be surprisingly lonely. It doesn't have to be.

As creatives and artists, our work is often intertwined with our identity. It requires a level of vulnerability that leaves us uniquely susceptible to burnout and emotional depletion, even when we're succeeding. The successes feel extraordinary, while the failures can often feel way too personal.

And then there's the "otherness" of it all. We pour ourselves into our craft, but when we try talk about our work, it often feels like we're speaking a different language  – we're met with blank stares and confused questions.

You don't have to be alone on your creative journey. Find connection and support today.

My Credentials

20 years of experience as a creative professional and entrepreneur, and I am a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) within the Minnesota Board of Behavioral Health. My supervisor is the wonderful Dr. Mary Wandrei, Ph.D., LP and I obtained m masters in psychotherapy and counseling from St. Mary's University of Minnesota.

Common Questions I Address as a Coach & Therapist

Creative Professionals

  • How do I achieve that goal I’ve been thinking about?
  • What leadership styles will work best for my team?
  • How can I navigate the emotional highs and lows that come with the creative process while maintaining stability?
  • How can I still be creative now that I'm a manager?
  • Am I giving myself enough time for self-care and managing the balance between my personal well-being and creative pursuits?
  • How can I overcome creative blocks and find inspiration when I feel stuck or unmotivated?
  • What strategies can I employ to manage self-doubt, imposter syndrome, and other negative thoughts that may hinder my creative progress?
  • Are there techniques or practices that can help me manage stress and anxiety related to my creative work?
  • How can I establish healthy boundaries with clients, collaborators, or colleagues to protect my mental and emotional well-being?
  • What can I do to prevent burnout and maintain a sustainable creative practice without sacrificing my passion and drive?
  • How can I embrace vulnerability in my creative work while also protecting my emotional boundaries?

Overall – Executive Coaching

  • How can I manage the high levels of stress and pressure that come with my role while maintaining my  well-being?
  • Am I effectively balancing my professional responsibilities with my personal life and overall happiness?
  • How can I enhance my self-awareness and emotional intelligence to become a more effective leader?
  • Are there strategies I can implement to improve my decision-making process?
  • How can I navigate the challenges of leading teams, fostering collaboration, and resolving conflicts in a way that supports both productivity and a positive work environment?
  • What steps can I take to prevent burnout and maintain a healthy work-life integration while still achieving professional success?
  • How can I develop and refine my leadership style to better motivate and inspire my team members?
  • Are there techniques or practices I can incorporate to enhance my focus, concentration, and ability to stay present in the midst of a demanding role?
  • How can I ensure that I continue to challenge myself, learn and grow as an executive, and reach my full potential in my leadership journey?

How I Can Help

Your Partner in the Journey

I'm here to be your partner on this incredible, magical, frustrating, exhilarating, depleting, life-giving journey. As an entrepreneur, a creative professional, and a licensed therapist, I've experienced firsthand the challenges of navigating life as both a business owner and a creator. I genuinely comprehend the hurdles you face, and I have the training to provide meaningful support. We will develop strategies to overcome obstacles and achieve success without compromising your well-being.

Nurturing Your Creative Spirit

Being a creative professional or artist means sharing a part of yourself through your work. I recognize the vulnerability that comes with this territory. I provide a supportive environment where you can explore your creativity and/or recover from burnout. Speaking of which...

Preventing Burnout, Regaining Peace

When your career is intertwined with your identity, it's easy to lose yourself in the pursuit of success. We'll work together to strike a balance that safeguards against burnout and rediscovers how you want to spend your time. By focusing on work-life integration, stress management, and self-care, I empower you to build a sustainable career that aligns with your values and aspirations.

Evidence-Based Support

Did you know anyone can call themselves a coach? There is no governing body or requirements for starting a coaching business. I'm a licensed therapist, which means I had to get a master's degree, supervised training, and pass an intensive board examination to do what I do. This means that the support I provide is more than just opinions based on experience. 

How to Get Started

We'll start with a 15 minute call to see if we're a mutual fit. Then, we begin with four sessions – enough to make great progress, and few enough to keep it simple.

  • Review and sign coaching agreement. 
Session 1
  • Discover goals and areas of exploration. 
  • Create a plan.
Session 2
  • Explore influences, roadblocks, and environmental context.
  • Revisit the plan and adjust if needed.  
  • Create an achievable strategy.
Sessions 3 - 4
  • Implement strategies between sessions. 
  • Review and assess progress. 
  • Adjust, or continue, with strategy.


Let's schedule a 15 minute conversation to see if we'd be a good fit for each other.