I help people become more fully themselves.

The world needs more people being themselves, and we all need help to get there. If you’re considering a change, in the midst of one, I’m here to help you or your kids navigate it with more clarity, joy, and humanity. I help people by reconnecting them with their strengths and discovering the root cause of what's bothering them.
Josh Chambers

You might be saying something like...

"I know I shouldn't feel this way because my life is actually pretty good, all things considered."

"I feel anxious more often than I think I should."

"I get super overwhelmed by things like social hangouts, coworkers, classmates, grades, loud noises, weird textures, hard conversations, everything that's on my plate, etc."

"Am I the only one seeing this?!"

"My mind seems a bit out of my control. It won't shut off, and it isn't exactly kind."

"Older generations do not understand what we're facing."

"I'm sick of how society defines masculinity. I'm tired of feeling like I don't fit in with men or women."

"Is this giftedness or something else?"

My Story

My career started as a professional hockey player at the age of 17. Sixteen broken bones later – including one fractured skull – it was time for a change.

As one does, I earned a degree in International Development, moved to Latin America, and joined a human rights organization.

Somehow, I ended up in advertising. I moved to NYC and became an award-winning creative working with the likes of Google, PUMA, Reebok, Viacom, IMG, and Advil.

Eventually, I set sail to pursue a lifelong dream: become an entrepreneur. I founded a financial technology company that was named CNN's top 15 financial products of the year two years running. It was great. Until it wasn’t.

I then started Moon March, which brings together my deep experience in brand development and entrepreneurship with my passion for helping worthwhile ventures and people grow.

Over time, I began coaching entrepreneurs, executives, and organizations and returned to school for a master's degree in therapy with which I focus on helping gifted and neurodivergent people of all ages.

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