Who I'm a good fit for

Finding a therapist or coach can be nerve-wracking, confusing, annoying, frustrating, hopeful, and disorienting. I hope this page helps (In addition to my therapy overview page and my about page).

Specialty Areas

In addition to working with people on a wide range of emotional and behavioral concerns, I specialize in:

  1. Entrepreneurs.
  2. Creative professionals.
  3. Gifted, highly sensitive, & neurodivergent people of all ages.

Common phrases I hear

"I feel anxious more often than I think I should."

"Something is off...I just don't know what."

"I feel things deeply. It's a blessing and a curse."

"I like being fast-paced, but I'm feeling burned out."

"I get super overwhelmed by things like social hangouts, coworkers, classmates, grades, loud noises, weird textures, hard conversations, everything that's on my plate, etc."

"Am I the only one seeing this?!"

"My mind seems a bit out of my control. It won't shut off, and it isn't exactly kind."

"Older generations do not understand what we're facing."

"I'm tired of feeling like I don't fit in."

"Is this giftedness, or something else?"

"Why is stuff so hard?! It doesn't seem like other people struggle with this. Why?" 

"I am sick of all the responsibilities on my plate."

"I'm bored, and no one else seems to get it."

"I don't want to keep doing things the way I've been doing them. But I also don't know how to do things differently."

"Wait, what is the point of all of this?"

"I feel things intensely. I've always been called sensitive, and I'd like to figure out how to deal with this."

Contact Me

Message me with questions! I am happy to help if I can. I also offer free 15 minute phone consults.